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Things to consider with constitution / bylaws...

Hi all,

Just some thoughts to consider with the constitution and bylaws for

Liability:  I think that there needs to be something in the bylaws that
covers liability for the people who work with/for computerbank (whether
paid staff or volenteer staff)... for example if something should go
wrong (electrical fault) or whatever that causes someone's house to
burn-down (as an example) the last thing we need is for the volenteer
staff or any staff of computerbank to be liable to legal suit...

My suggestions regarding this issue is:

1. On acceptance of a computer bank, new-owner signs document basically
saying this computer is now _their_ responsibility... and that we can
accept no liability for anything that happens with this computer - they
use it at own risk...etc, etc...
2. Computerbank (when we become a legal entity) should take out some
kind of liability insurance that covers the people who work with/for us
to cover any legal hassles that should arise.

Also, I think we need to look at what kinds of "duty of care" things we
need to undertake with these computers ... for example, do we need some
licensed electrican to "certify" that these machines are safe before
they're distributed?

I have some contacts that could be useful if this becomes necessary... I
have a contact with the Electrical Safety commission (or somesuch -
don't know exact name of organisation)... 8-)


David Buddrige