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Re: Great Meeting

> Bill McPherson wrote:
> Hi All
> Thought today's meeting was great and an indication of
> good things to come - the enthusiasm and support was
> good to see - congratulations to all and god luck.

Just a short note about the meeting,

The minutes will be posted shortly :) They will also be
put on the Melbourne State specific web site (soon as it
has been constructed). 

One upshot of the meeting is that we are holding a working
bee on Saturday 13th January from 12noon onwards. If
anyone, who was not at the meeting wants to attend, please
contact Daniel Morriss at dmorriss@s-it.com.au. The
working bee will take place at the offices of Simplicity &
Netexposure - 145 Market St South Melbourne. 

Other informaton re: working bee will be posted shortly.