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Basic requirements for server

It's 31 Jan 99  20:35:09,
We'll return to billmac@abi.com.au and All's
discussion of Basic requirements for server

 bi> Suggested is 4 desktop units from a server. They will connect to the
 bi> Net = through their link at Carlton and Moreland at their own expense.

 bi> They have access to some 486 machines and I'm wondering what our tech
 bi> = team would suggest for the server.

Depends on how much it is to do.  Any Pentium class machine would
probably do the job, it doesn't sound like heavy going.  Maybe even a
fast 486, if X isn't needed for administration.  Good thing about
Linux... light server load. :)

 bi> It's not likely that they would increase the number of terminals and
 bi> if = they did they could upgrade the server at that time. It would need
 bi> to be = remotely managed.

Hmm, we may need an admin team, armed with ssh clients. :-)

 bi> I would hope they would write some letters which makes a printer =
 bi> obligatory, which brings me to how will we obtain printers as anyone =
 bi> receiving one of our machines will probably want to write a letter.

That's a good question.  Dot matrix would be easy to obtain, but laser
and inkjet might be a problem.

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