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Basic requirements for server

Hi All
Co-AS-it, a Skillsnet provider, has an annexe at Rosanna very near to my home.
I was speaking with them the other day about a small group of computers (4) to enable their aged clients to access the net and in particular exchange email with their compatriots in Italy.
I understand there are 500,000 persons of Italian origin in Australia. I'm not sure if that figure is Melbourne - I'll reread their literature.
Suggested is 4 desktop units from a server. They will connect to the Net through their link at Carlton and Moreland at their own expense.
They have access to some 486 machines and I'm wondering what our tech team would suggest for the server.
It's not likely that they would increase the number of terminals and if they did they could upgrade the server at that time. It would need to be remotely managed.
I would hope they would write some letters which makes a printer obligatory, which brings me to how will we obtain printers as anyone receiving one of our machines will probably want to write a letter.
Any suggestions ?     regards    Bill McPherson