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an offer

It's 31 Jan 99  18:43:55,
We'll return to njd@rivuug.webfront.net.au and All's
discussion of an offer

 nj> and any clients who get rid of computers, we will donate them. To the

Well, speaking of donations, I've got clearence to finally get rid of
that pile of old hardware in the back room.  :)  Would like to move it
this week (in case someone decides to throw it out while I'm on leave).

 nj> point of this email. We have a new colleague who is being trained in
 nj> Graphics. The boss told me we can get her to do up a logo for the
 nj> computerbank. The problem is, it would be
 nj> done in photoshop, not gimp, I tried to argue otherwise. But does this
 nj> pose a problem, if not I will get her going on it.

Personally, I don't see a problem with this.  While supporting free
software is one of our ideals, I don't see any point in becoming "OSS
bigots". :-)

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