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Re: an offer

Dont suppose it matters what product is used to do the graphic initially - as
long as:

1. It can be converted to a common non-proprietry format.
2. It can be later edited using gimp (by being converted to an appropriate

BTW... does anyone know if there is a port of gimp to win32?  (Am forced by
need to eat, to use NT at work)... 8-(...


David Buddrige

Tony Langdon wrote:

> It's 31 Jan 99  18:43:55,
> We'll return to njd@rivuug.webfront.net.au and All's
> discussion of an offer
>  nj> and any clients who get rid of computers, we will donate them. To the
> Well, speaking of donations, I've got clearence to finally get rid of
> that pile of old hardware in the back room.  :)  Would like to move it
> this week (in case someone decides to throw it out while I'm on leave).
> :)
>  nj> point of this email. We have a new colleague who is being trained in
>  nj> Graphics. The boss told me we can get her to do up a logo for the
>  nj> computerbank. The problem is, it would be
>  nj> done in photoshop, not gimp, I tried to argue otherwise. But does this
>  nj> pose a problem, if not I will get her going on it.
> Personally, I don't see a problem with this.  While supporting free
> software is one of our ideals, I don't see any point in becoming "OSS
> bigots". :-)
> .. Don't do Windows, but I'm great on floors, tables, etc...!
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