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National picture

Hi all,

I wanted to touch base with all re national development and
structure for computerbank nation wide. 

Some time ago I tossed about the idea for a national irc meeting
where we might discuss such ideas. Unfortunately this has not
happened as CBV is still developing ideas as to how we may go
about this.

We are near complete with these ideas and will be able to
schedule an irc meeting (complete with logs as minutes) very

For those wanting to meet with some of us cbv'ers you can
sometimes find us hanging out during the evening in the
#computerbank channel at irc.linux.org.au port 6666 and (i think)

I'm sure most of us are aware that the involvement of BP - in
terms of fantastic donations australia wide - and major
sponsorship and involvement with the founding branch mean
exciting times ahead for everyone. 

We're just about done with our constitutional changes so those
states looking at adopting a variant of our constitution should
be weary of this. (If you do decide to get incorporated before
the irc meeting)

I've prepared a grant application for the International Year of
Volunteering small grants program ($5,000) for CBV to develop a
Computerbank How To - Skills Transference package, which if it
goes ahead, will be beneficial for other starting out branches,
rural nodes and for international developmentments of this
nature. If approved the project should be completed in about 3-4
months. (Which will be intime for other branches to apply for
round two grants which might be used for the implementation of
the How to.) 

Again this is something that I've been meaning to do for a long
while - but have not had the time to dedicate to it. :( _However_
CBV is _always_ available to answer questions, give advice and
tell of our experiences. We are now open 6 days a week, tues, wed
and sat from 12 noon to 6pm and mon, thur and fri 12 noon til
8pm. Our new telephone number is (03) 9600 9161.

On the note of the national picture - i am wondering if we can
get some regular reports out to the list about what is going on
in each state?

I'll send a report re CBV in another post.

Thanks and keep up the great work :) 

Looking forward to exciting times ahead,


Computerbank Victoria
Tel: 03 9600 9161
ComputerBank Australia -- http://www.computerbank.org.au/