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Queensland picture

Hi everyone,

Just thought I would write you a quick email to let you
know how Queensland is going.

Two things have been happening here lately. Firstly, we
have been in touch with people from the Brisbane City
Council (BCC) Community Internet Project. There is plenty
of scope here for collaboration between BCC and
ComputerBank. One example of possible collaboration would
be a mentoring program between ourselves, BCC-CIP and the
possibly the local UNIX users group (humbug). The BCC
community facilities people have been looking around for a
space for CBQ to work out of - there are a number of leads
at the moment that are being looked into.

The second big thing now is collaboration between
ComputerBank and the Department of Family Services.
ComputerBank had a meeting with the Minister for Family
services, Anna Bligh, and her advisers in December. We have
a second meeting planned for later in this month between
ourselves, people from the department and representatives
from community organisations.

The University of Queensland Computer Science and
Electrical Engineering Department have offered to donate
computers to ComputerBank that become available following
lab renovations. We see Computer bank as being able to
provide the technical expertise for renovating computers,
installing software and user training. What we need then is
an outlet for the systems. We are hoping that our
collaboration with community organisations will develop
channels for distribution of the systems.

Tony Joblin
Computer Bank Queensland

Tony Joblin Tel: (H)07 33787755 (W)07 33711311
Email: tonyjoblin@powerup.com.au tonyjoblin@yahoo.com.au
6/19 Merlin Terrace, Kenmore 4069, Australia.

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