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Re: [Computerbank] crossing or crosspollinating 225bank (or Comp225q?)

Hello everyone,

Greg White and his wife Linda from Landsborough VIC will be at 225
Queensberry St on Thursday 10 January at around 10 am and after a good old
natter and familiarisation tour there we'll all waddle off to lunch
somewhere around noon and then rock up to 92 Rosslyn St around 2 pm for
another natter and two way familiarisation there. Hopefully, Greg will be
able to backload some old computers from Computerbank which he can fix up
for his locals. To start the ball rolling. 

It seems a really good chance for us to all to get to know each other and
our premises and activities.

Greg's keen to, and is capable of doing it, build a Computerbank branch
(with a 225-like associated set up eventually) in Ararat and/or Landsborough.

Everyone is welcome to the lunch and the two familiarisations.


>For a bit, please excuse some crossposting to both the 225q and
>Computerbank lists -- just while we get the bonding between the two
>Those outside Melbourne can follow along on the 225q list and/or its
>website  http://225q.shallow.net/ which has a chat feature and could
>develop a Virtual 225 if there is enough interest and participants. It is
>thus not exclusively an inner Melbourne thing -- physically yes, but
>there's so much more that is possible..
>One of the current crossovers is joint interest in and commitment to Linux
>but to get the best out of the interconnection and likely synergies we need
>some more from each list posting onto the *other* list, whichever they come
>from originally.
>To kick things off, here are six suggestions which will need only
>individual decisions by 225ers but for Computerbankers some of these and
>later ones you raise will need to be 'officially' decided: 
>1. A joint party held @ 225 ... soon.  (seeing 1.1.02 now seems a bit too
>2. An exchange of website links. (with attached appreciative comments?)
>3. Proactive bleeding together of members between the lists.
>4. Adoption of 225 by VIC Computerbankers as being their party and
>relaxation place.
>5. A vigorous exchange of expertise.
>6. Banners inside each building promoting the link to the other group.
>If you were able to unthread Sam's recent reposting of a discussion we'd
>been having, the idea is to have Computerbank (MELB) interacting and
>intertwining with 225q (aka. Sam's Hideaway) in Queensberry St, Carlton.
>Melway 2B D 10 (Cnr Lansdowne Pl.) Drop in anytime. 

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