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[Computerbank] a VIC-only list, too?

Hi Moose and all,

Well, I'm certainly one of the ones who doesn't read minutes, I don't like
formal meetings either. Appreciate that others do, though.

How can being face-to-face occur with everyone from across Australia? I'm
reminded that a lot of our rabbiting on about "Victorian" or (even worse)
"Melbourne" things must be really getting up the nose of everyone
elsewhere, too much traffic on stuff unrelated to them.

I know there's a lot happening on the CBNSW list because I'm on it lurking
and I love knowing what they're up to but there's a balance needed and (I
think?) there's no similar CBVIC list now?

That said, I think we would all be encouraged to hear more of the "Sydney
Story" as it is unfolding, too little is just as bad as too much?

Regards to all, Bruce

At 14:44 3/01/02 +1100, Da Moose wrote:
>For those who don't read Minutes
>CAI are planning the first (small) conference for the end of Jan later
>these will be expanded and could be the ideal place for a large CAI face
>to face.

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