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Re: [Computerbank] Isolated places without support.

On Fri, 2002-01-04 at 07:29, Greg White wrote:
> I like linux for obvious reasons.  But it is not so much an idiot drive
> system, like some well known O/S's.  I was wondering if any consideration
> was given to IBM's O/S2  .   They where giving away copies at one stage.

OS/2 has unfortunately died an ignomious death. 

> And it might be useful for isolated cases where an idiot drive O/S is
> warranted.  It comes with a passable Office suite, IBM Office (from memory).
> Generally speaking, I prefer Linux.   Perhaps IBM if generous, would give a

OS/2 is as "idiot drive" as MS Windows, MacOS, SuSE, RedHat, Mandrake
and Debian (install aside). With GNOME / KDE the interface is not really
divergent from that employed by MacOS or Windows. People just need to
know the new application names they need ie: Abiword for word
processing, GNUmeric for spread sheets (as examples).

> few copies for charity, because they are not running with it.  And it does
> fit nicely on older boxs and smaller drives.

Absolutely not. OS/2 was a great operating but it is a bohemeth. Older
hardware will not appreciate it :)

> But all you people have probably vetted all of the O/S possabilities many
> times.

If you learn to install / manage a Debian system, this will give you the
path of greatest manageability and least grief. Debian comes with a very
impressive tool set but like any new tool, you need to familiarise
yourself with it before using it optimally.




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