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Re: [Computerbank] Re: solving the conundrum of the bush

Lately, this hath been imparted:

> Hi Bruce,
> While I am sure that Computerbank would love to help set up branches in
> other regional areas I think the reality is that there are not many
> resources available to do this. This is particularly true of new state
> branches, most of which are only about one year old. I think you would get
> a much more positive response to forming regional branches if you take a
> more proactive approach and get locals to do the branch setup.

Tony, your advice and comments were brilliantly put - I hope it is heeded.

here in SA, we are in a very fledgling stage, and simply do not have the 
personnel nor resources to contemplate branches - we are still working on 
establishing ourselves first!

To be contemplating regional branches before the main state branch is set up 
would mean a duplication of resources unnecessarily, not to mention the 
ridiculous potential for competition of resources, such as donations.

One of our very active members comes from Bordertown - DEFINITELY what we 
would call regional - yet he is working hard, as are the rest of us, to 
establish a main SA branch. Regional branches are definitely our intention 
down the track, but to instigate them prematurely means we face the very real 
risk of losing momentum for the main branch AND the regional branch, as the 
resources are just not enough to spread that far at this stage.

Bruce, I recognise the honesty and goodness of your intentions, but I have to 
say it would be incredibly beneficial for us all if you could direct your 
considerable drive and energy into helping us who are in the frontline of 
trying to get branches established. Once this is done, let us all then 
discuss the best way to establish regional branches - I would dearly love to 
see this occur!

But putting the cart before the horse would be an unfair waste of all the 
efforts we are putting in here.....

romana@timelady.com icq no:393293 

Computerbank Australia -  SA branch coordinator 

"Between the idea and the reality, 
Between the motion and the act, 
Falls the Shadow..." 
(TS Eliot) 
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