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[Computerbank] party time

Saturday 12th - a new-years party at 225q, 225 Queenberry Street Carlton
(the free internet cafe).  Hope to see lots of computerbank, luv,
linuxchix peoples here!  The fun will start around 4:00pm and go until
late.  There is some food and drink here, we can send out hunting
parties into the wilds of Carlton and North Melbourne, you can bring
something to share.

What to do?  Chat, eat and drink, play games (bring some ideas /
props!), dance (bring some music!), critique the decor, read a book on
the couch, play on the net, watch a movie...  Bored geeks can set up
more computers or have coding competitions or something.

The nightclub "Dream" nextdoor can be fun, and Mick, the guy who runs
it, is friendly.  We have a few ideas about helping eachother.  Some of
us might want to go over there later on, and some of the clubbers will
certainly come in here as they do on Saturday nights.

Please post suggestions and let us know (on the list) if you want
to come.

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