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Re: [Computerbank] the support curse

On Wed, Jan 09, 2002 at 06:51:36PM +1100, Bruce McCubbery wrote:
> About the ADVANTAGES to be gained from a properly run support service..
> How many advantages can I come up with?
> 1. Happier more capable clients.
> 2. Good reports from *all who get our computers.
> 3. Word of mouth is 100% good.
> 4. No Computerbankers are harassed.
> 5. Computerbankers don't get stressed by the old problems anymore.
> 6. The feedback helps us hone our systems and processes.
> 7. We can problem solve as soon as possible.
> 8. Nothing will be going wrong we won't hear about.
> 9. Good "after sales" service.
> 10. Impressive efficiency.
> 11. Happy users inclined to get involved and help Computerbank.
> 12. Spreading the Linux word to many more happy users.
> I expect there are more? The point I've been trying to make is: a good
> backup and support service is essential for any group like ours. We may not
> think we are selling the computers we hand out, or ourselves, upfront but
> it is inherent in everything we do, and necessary that we see it is.

Sounds fantastic Bruce, so lets all get together and work this out before
we talk any more about regional branches.

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