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[Computerbank] Roster for the new year - CAI-Vic

Hi all,

Welcome to a new year...

At the moment CAI-Vic's hours of operation are up in the air as we have not
firmed up on a roster for the start of 2003.

Currently we can be open on Thursdays and Fridays from 9.30am to 5pm because we
run a work for the dole program. To be open other days - we need folks (and lots
of them) to volunteer to come in to Computerbank across fixed times and days. 

In the past we have had several people helping our roster system work - this
year we would like to increase the amount of people able to volunteer on a
regular basis.

We've always been closed on Mondays and Sundays - however if there is enough
interest - we could be open. We need your help to make this work. :) 

In order for us to open up we need to have 2 volunteers rostered on at any given
time. (Safety / Security issues)

The days we could be open if we had enough people volunteer to turn up are
Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays.  

What I need now, however, is for folks to seriously consider rostering
themselves for a shift or more so that CAI-Vic can remain open on a consistent

All you have to do is nominate a day (s) and a time (s) that you can come in.
For eg: You might volunteer to come in every tuesday between 11am-4pm, or every
2nd Saturday/Sunday between 10am-3pm. 

Please note that if you do volunteer to be rostered - it is essential that you
honour your committment or let someone know (with as much notice as poss) when
you can not make it.

The roster will be put together to cover the next few (3-4) months, at which
time we will revise. 

Please start nominating now...you can do this privately if you wish and I will
try to get the roster complete by Monday week (13th Jan)

BTW - for next Wednesday the 8th of Jan 03 - Reuben and I will be in attendance
from midday. 

If you have any questions - please fire em at me. New rostered volunteers (never
done it before) will receive "responsibility training". :) 



Kylie Davies
Victorian State Coordinator
Computerbank Australia Inc
The opinions expressed herein are solely those of the individual, and do not 
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