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[Computerbank] January report

Despite much being closed over December, a lot of us have been FLAT out this 
month..so much to organise for premises and WFTD.....

Volunteers & Members:
A number of enquiries for this month - we have been informed some forms are 
headed our way, so will announce in next report:)
Several new mailing list members too:)
Andrew Childs aka Dazaris has taken the leap to membership, welcome on board 

Recipients & Enquiries:
Several enquiries and forms sent - nothing back yet:)
17 Recipients in total processed last year (we knew was about 20, so we were 
pretty close:) )
2 scheduled for training next week, one who already has her computer.

Income & Expenditure:
We have ordered 20 monitor cables @$6.50 each.
We had a fantastic donation of 22 33.6 external modems this week, but they 
need serial, power supply, and phone cables to be useable. Dylan is trying to 
source free - cheap sources for those:)
Jennifairy is going to the cheap cheap school stationery sales to get supplies 
for new premises - expenditure to be reported next month.

Already, two donations of assorted bits and pieces this month - several boxes 
of cards, external modems, motherboards etc to go through. Some cases, a 
couple of monitors.

The Hut Board meets 20th, we will be sending representatives. Decision to be 
made then - looking very very positive:)

All is progressing well there - awaiting the Hut's go ahead, we then apply by 
Feb 13, start mid March (The DEWA Minister has to announce before anything 
happens, he does that the following month after application and approval). 
The CWC we are working with is highly optimistic and extremely positive - we 
are looking at 8 people for 30 weeks.

 East Timor - (Project coordinator, Peter Gossner) 
Pete is away in Qld atm, so his report is held over till next month. 

Web and Graphic Stuff:
The draft of the new SA site - feel free to sign up early, beat the rush:)
There will be members only access for documents etc.
The colours are appalling, all admit it, can we have suggestions PLEASE????
Shane Aplin, Romana Challans and Owen Baldock are cheerfully working on the 
site atm...all and any wanting to join in  - PLEASE!

Owen Baldock and Jill Gossner are looking at logos - since I mentioned it on 
irc. there has been real interest in looking at the current logo from Vic, 
and a National level. CBNSW is interested too. Anyone wanting to participate 
on the great logoing, contact Dylan Roper (dialinlater@hotmail.com) for 

As usual, the same theme to wrap up on:
Of course, we encourage EVERY volunteer/member to get involved, so if you feel 
you want to participate in any of these very time consuming busy jobs, 
please, join in! Contact me or any project coordinator. Start a project. Find 
our what coordinator roles need filling. Suggest a coordinator role. GET 
INVOLVED at a higher level than just the fun of hardware;)

Romana Challans
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State Coordinator
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