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[Computerbank] Draft - Statement of Donation of Equipment

Greetings all;
	i just can't leave a "really interested in opinions" outburst like that 
dangling - pollies beware! :)  Just stirring the pot here, i can't pretend to 
speak from experience on this one.  

	Individuals may just have second thoughts if we charge them to act charitably  
with their old hardware.  Also, if we're charging the corporations for 
responsibly disposing of their monitors and securely destroying copies of 
their old confidential data, should we consider a certificate / chit / 
receipt / whatever to provide them some piece of mind?

	What charges / remuneration do SIMS metals award for the dead hardware we 
contract them to pick up?  

	Food for thought.  Best regards and faithfully yours,

Cromwell Hooper
Volunteer and WFTD Co-ordinator
Computerbank Australia Incorporated, SA Branch
Vice President
Computerbank Australia Incorporated

On Saturday 11 January 2003 10:18, Romana Challans wrote:
> This is a part of a recent discussion held on the committee mailing list
> (the original discussion was based on forms CBNSW is using for donators to
> confirm donations are legal (will be introduced as required for corporate
> or individual donators - the form will be available soon when we have
> reviewed and made any changes we feel necessary:) )
> However, the intruiging bit I want to post is the discussion on monitors
> and recycling and costs - monitors being one of our biggest problems...
> I'd be really interested in opinions on this one...:)
> r:)
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> Donation of Equipment
> Date: 11 Jan 2003 09:36:11 +1100
> From: Craig Warner <craigw@blue.net.au>
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> On Fri, 2003-01-10 at 20:24, Kylie@projectx.com.au wrote:
> > Hi Craig,
> > Re charging a fee for monitors...have you started doing this already, if
> > so, are people happy to pay? How much are you charging? How do *you*
> > dispose of the monitors in the end?
> CBNSW need to introduce this fee ASAP, as we are facing a mountain of
> monitors. The best thing to do is test monitors before accepting
> them.Offer the donator the chance of 'green' recycling of dead monitors
> at a comerical rate which' if I remember correctly is $14.
> Dead monitors will then be forward to MRI. Dan and I have had
> discussions with MRI initial, this is not stopping CBNSW from working
> with HMR.
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