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[Computerbank] Fwd: Re: [cai-sa] Re: [CAI-committee] (CAI) public liability insurance and not-for-profit status docs needed asap PLEASE:)

Greetings all, 
	just another of my random ramblings;  if we have a score of fellow sufferers 
in this matter, is it worth contacting any of them to see if any of them have 
fared better than us so far?

	By the bye, Jennifairy, i like your style :)
	Best regards and faithfully yours,

Cromwell Hooper
Volunteer and WFTD Co-ordinator
Computerbank Australia Incorporated, SA Branch
Vice President
Computerbank Australia Incorporated

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Subject: Re: [cai-sa] Re: [CAI-committee] (CAI) public liability insurance and 
not-for-profit status docs needed asap PLEASE:)
Date: Wed, 8 Jan 2003 19:44:42 +1030
From: jennifairy <jennifairy@timelady.com>
To: Romana Challans <romana@timelady.com>, kylied@projectx.com.au, 
Cc: CAISA <cai-sa@cbnsw.org.au>

who is the insurance company & will they give us the info if we bombard them
with requests?
(Jfairy has vats of boiling oil & lately deceased cows carcasses at the
 ready) --
BMid student
Treasurererer, Computerbank SA

On Wed, 8 Jan 2003 11:39, Romana Challans wrote:
Thanks Kylie:)

Any chance of the not-for-profit stuff then?


On Wed, 8 Jan 2003 11:19 am, Kylie Davies shared thusly:
> Hi Romana,
> We too are also in need of this important information - however as yet -
> it has not been forthcoming. We experienced this difficultly last year.
> It holds things up like Centrelink / Voluntering Australia registration
> and etc - but there is not much we can do about it. Except call all the
> time and hassle out. I will be calling today -as zip has arrived in the
> post after the holiday break.
> I know this sucks and we probably should change Insurance firms -
> however this said, Dean did a fair bit of research re getting a better
> price and deal for insurance - and there was nothing at all that could
> match this one.
> If it makes you feel any better, because we are in a group scheme, there
> are another 20 groups in the same boat. Eeek...Yuk...insurance
> companies..and the waiting game.
> Will give you an update as soon as possible.
> Cheers,
> Kylie
> Romana Challans wrote:
> > Can someone please send us copies of the current (CAI) public liability
> > insurance and not-for-profit status documents, for our CWC to look at?
> >
> > Rather urgent one peeps:)
> >
> > Thanks, Romana:)
> >
> > ps sending to multiple lists, as getting peoples attention at this time
> > of year is understandably hard - hth:)
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