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[Computerbank] Re: [CAI-committee] Draft - Statement of Donation of Equipment

Greetings all;
	in a chat with a lad from the local (Mt Barker station, S.A.) constabulary 
regarding receipt of second hand goods, i discovered a couple of issues that 
may be worth addressing sooner than later.

	The Second Hand Dealers' Act and all it implies applies to bodies who receive 
monies in exchange for second hand goods and / or services thereon.  He was 
not presenting a legal opinion and suggested we scour through not only this 
act but also investigate the various charitable and tax acts that may apply.  
He strongly advised obtaining the counsel of those more legally competant.  
He basically implied that if we charged nothing for our goods and services 
then we're off the Second Hand Dealers' Act hook.

	Being that as it may, australian law requires any body suspecting receipt of 
stolen goods to take reasonable steps of inquiery as to the nature of the 
goods' origins and if unable to establish they are legally acceptable, to 
report same to the authorities (which in case is as simple as calling a 
police station).  The constable suggested we should report any such 
suspicions as soon as possible.

	This implies the obligation to have contact details at hand to be able to 
make such enquiries.  The constable i spoke to hazarded no opinion regarding 
the privacy issues involved here.

	I sincerely hope any irritation this information represents is compensated by  
comfortable and confident handling of such issues in the future.  Best 
regards and faithfully yours,

Cromwell Hooper
Volunteer and WFTD Co-ordinator
Computerbank Australia Incorporated, SA Branch
Vice President
Computerbank Australia Incorporated

On Saturday 11 January 2003 14:19, Kylie Davies wrote:
> Hi again,
> > payment for computer equipment, asking for id is just increasing
> > administration tasks without real benefit.
> Yes indeed.
> > In the terms and conditions, CBNSW should also include a statement that
> > we will not on sell other then to recyclers the donations.
> Possibly...CAI-VIC does not do this, but we do, upon request, provide a
> letter with a statement saying we will not on sell equipment donated by x
> company.
> We are investigating the issue of on selling donated equipment or raising
> money from it (eg: hiring it out - in the case of a vid projector). We do
> have something on our website that says we may on sell equipment not needed
> by our program as a way of raising funds for operational costs. For
> cd/sound and modems - we charge for configuration and not the items. (so
> services)
> > Some people in CBNSW have also mention the sanitization of hard disks
> > should be a chargeable cost to the donator as part of the trems and
> > conditions but I  feel that sanitization of hard disk should be SOP as
> > well, done regardless.
> I completely agree - we should do this as a matter of routine.
> Cheers,
> Kylie
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> Kylie Davies
> Victorian State Coordinator
> Computerbank Australia Inc
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