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Re: [Computerbank] Re: [CAI-committee] Draft - Statement of Donation of Equipment

> Being that as it may, australian law requires any body suspecting receipt
> stolen goods to take reasonable steps of inquiery as to the nature of the
> goods' origins and if unable to establish they are legally acceptable, to
> report same to the authorities (which in case is as simple as calling a
> police station).  The constable suggested we should report any such
> suspicions as soon as possible.

I think it prudent that we have to keep very good records as to the persons
details that donated the hardware, Donations from Corporate sectors are not
so problomatic, but private donations may well be stolen goods, maybe a
record of the persons address phone etc confirmed by a suitable person
(Grant, Kylie ....) by viewing the donors licence or other suitable ID, this
gives us a paper chain should goods be found to be stolen

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