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[Computerbank] CAI Agenda (fwd)

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Date: Mon, 13 Jan 2003 11:43:41 +1100
From: Diffey Penelope <dpenelope@kangan.edu.au>
To: moose@artificial-stupidity.net
Subject: CAI Agenda

Hi all 

This is later than I intended as I was called away on a family matter early sat morning and have had no net access until today.

Agenda is as follows
Minutes of Previous meeting

Business arising
 - Penni Clayton Utz
I will be unable to see anyone at CU until early February

 - Trish Funding Doc 

 - Rom Affiliate Doc possible delays in adoption

 - Reuben Mediator

 - Grant Subs to List

 - Victoria
 - SA
Item 1.
Copies of Incorporation Certificates

From Romana's request the other day re reg # and policy #'s...I think it 
might be useful if we spend around $80-90 dollars of CAI money to buy 
original copies of our registration certificate for branches in SA and QLD. 
This way, all branches can have a luverly blue and white cert on their wall, 
it will never get lost and we'll all feel good all over. :)

Item 2.
Donation form

form that CBNSW provided for donors to sign as necessary

Item 3.

Monitors and recycling...

discussion of Craig_from_CBNSW info on poss procedures for dealing with 
monitor donations

Item 4. 
Privacy laws

Discussion of Kylie's info re privacy laws

Item 5.
branch access to CAI hardware resources

Item 6.
Website and SOP (SA)

Item 7.
Logo (SA)

I think that's all

Don't forget that the meeting is  at 8pm Eastern Daylight Savings Time tonight 


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