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Re: [Computerbank] [Fwd: Re: [CAI-committee] Draft CAI Privacy Statement]

Asking people's countries of birth won't get you the right answer. Trust
me...if I give you the "truth" of where I was born--Thailand--I'd be most
upset if you sent me a distribution in Thai.

It has something to do with me not being able to understand Thai at all.

A better question might be:

* which language do you prefer to speak?
* would you like support for any language other than the default English
  on your computer?

But don't ask the equivalent of "Where are you from?". It may be OK under
the Privacy Act XYZ but I don't believe it's a useful question and I also
find it racist and offensive (1).


(1) I've given up attempting to explain why to ill informed, culturally
Australian people ;-P They seem to think it's OK to ask total strangers
their life history, where they're from and so forth...

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