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Re: [Computerbank] [Fwd: Re: [CAI-committee] Draft CAI Privacy Statement]

Howdy all,

Bit of background on this one...

4 years a go we (as in the Vics) came across this very problem - of trying to 
sensitively ask if we needed to consider and langauage issues. Language 
issues could be communication difficulties, ability to include language font 
set on system and to determine some aggregate statitistics which could help 
us provide better services to people from NESB (eg: translation of training 

In the end, amongst the minds present at the time, we decided, Country of 
birth was the way to go. Some of us thought that too many inferences could be 
drawn if you asked "Are you from a Non English Speaking Background?" and that 
we might not give computers to people who didnt communicate in English. 

Anyway - these things change - and of the suggested wordings at the time (and 
that is what it is all about -sensitive wording) Country of Birth seemed fair 

On Mon, 13 Jan 2003 14:16, DSL wrote:
> Asking people's countries of birth won't get you the right answer. Trust
> me...if I give you the "truth" of where I was born--Thailand--I'd be most
> upset if you sent me a distribution in Thai.

True, and we wouldnt do that, we do have a telephone chat with you, as well 
as two training sessions, by which time, we would have worked out if you 
needed a Thai distro (we ask and we observe). The question about country of 
birth is there as a guide in the first instance. 
> A better question might be:
> * which language do you prefer to speak?

Yes - I like this question, totally neutral. :) 

> * would you like support for any language other than the default English
>   on your computer?

Possibly...but as you are aware - linux doesnt support all languages (vic 
experience) - I think we need to be upfront about this to avoid creating 
unrealistic expectations.

and from Cromwell...

>        I'm not sure if "native language" is a legally (or even socially) 
>question to be asking people these days or not.  Just a thought - comments 

I think, though just an opinion, that this kind of question is okay if 
represented as DSL suggests above. 



Kylie Davies
Victorian Branch Coordinator
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