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Re: [Computerbank] [Fwd: Re: [CAI-committee] Draft CAI Privacy Statement]

Kylie and Romana,

> Yes...re 4 years ago we used this logic to inform ourselves - and
> country of birth seemed widely used (Clink used it). I dont know what
> they use now though? 

They probably use country of birth. Arguing that "Centrelink" knows is
about as sensible as arguing "Centrelink" cares though.

I remember numerous times where I've had to produce my birth certificate
(the falsified Australian one) or my citizenship papers despite the fact I
speak impeccable English.

To be perfectly honest, I normally don't even bother now. I say my country
of birth is Australia - which is false - and noone even raises an eyebrow.

Not an easy one; I guess one could use "Country of Birth" but you'd need
to have a reasonably sensitive set of follow up questions to work out what
that meant.

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