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Re: [Computerbank] Fwd: [cai-sa] Logo Design

On Tue, 14 Jan 2003 09:24 am, Daniel Stone shared thusly:
> On Mon, Jan 13, 2003 at 10:24:27PM +1100, Julien Goodwin scrawled:
> > Honestly I think they look too 'high tech'.
> > What's wrong with the current logo?
> While I disagree with CAISA's attitude of "we're taking it if you don't
> want it anyway", I think they have a point. The current logo isn't
> really easy recognizable, and doesn't look that good in colour, let
> alone not in colour. I think the new logo is simple, eye-catching and
> nice. It doesn't really convey to me the prospect of "recycling"; I only
> clued on to that when told. With that and a simple "computerbank" next
> to it, I think it would look very good, miles better than the current
> scrawl.

the CAISA attitude is better expressed as:
"we are exploring our options on logos as we have had a ridiculous number of 
peopple grumble about the current one, and to not review that seems silly, 
when we have such talent available"

also, we are setting up pamphlets and posters and such, and choosing a logo 
BEFORE getting those out makes sense.

we have had many comments on this, both positive and negative, but the point 
is: just because people say 'why bother' doesnt mean we wont.

we 'inherited' the current logo on joining cai, and as we grow and expand, 
feel its fair we all have a greater say in it. so, not only will caisa vote, 
we'll certainly offer it to ALL of cai to choose. we think thats fair, after 

if the majority of caisa choose the old one, what harm is done? 

hth clarify, r:)
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