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RE: [Computerbank] Fwd: [cai-sa] Logo Design

ooo eee, I think they're both gorgeous :)
I like all the different colors - are we allowed to keep all of them?!
I like the idea of having the three branched icon as the basic symbol - small and easy and pretty and elegant and streamlined to put on things in small places, whilst the larger one with the computer image surrounding it can be used where a more full image is appropriate - either bcos there is enough room and it looks good, or anywhere where the computer nature of the recycling needs emphasis - ie say in a list on the web of groups who 'recycle', where most of the recycling is other goods such as paper, compost, house timber, etc, or anywhere where people are unlikely to know the nature of computerbank to begin with :)
Wendy Langer
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Hi all,
over the past week I've been working on a new logo.
I've been instructed to create something that displays both the recycling aspect aswell as the computer side of things. This is what I came up with.


Ohh yes, and could the people at the CAI committie meeting please use these links instead of the ones cromwell posted. Thankyou.

Owen Baldock
Graphical Designer
Volunteer CAI-SA Member