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RE: [Computerbank] Epson Printer - thanks

Many thanks for the advice Michelle.

At 08:33 PM 17/01/2003 +1100, you wrote:
Hi All,

I don't usually talk on this list even though I am subscribed to it.
However, I have some advice regarding the Epson printer. I work with
printers, and can tell you that when an Epsons printhead is gone it
needs to be sent in for repair (which would most likely cost around
$100, not to mention the cost of buying a new set of cartridges which
would be in the vicinity of $70).

Therefore the Epson printer in question is only junk.  It is possible to
buy a new decent colour inkjet printer these days for under $100.


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I've upgraded my sister's printer and she wants to know whether she can
give her old one to someone useful -- it is an EPSON  Stylus Colour,
vintage) and it has just stopped printing black and colour has gone down

hill a bit.

I think it needs a new print head (as opposed to cartridges).

Should it be sent to the tip or would computer angels like it (I'm in
Albany WA for a break)?  I can cart it to Perth but if it's not worth it

then I shall dispose of it otherwise.

Thanks for all the good work you people are doing -- I monitor it and
day I hope to come along... but not so easy.

Take care and God Bless
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