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Question from seul-edu

Hi all,

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This is also pertinent to the network install at the FCCVi.



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   I'm the leader of the seul-edu mailing list.  We've recently been having a 
discussion on how to best use older machines that are donated to schools.  These 
tend to be 486s (with some 386s) with 4-16 MB RAM and ~150 MB hard drives.  A 
question has come up as to what video capabilities will be most prevalent.  We 
were wondering if 640x480 8bpp SVGA cards were common enough to count on, or if 
we should plan on VGA16 capability only.  The group pretty much decided that 
especially for the younger children some sort of GUI would be needed.

Since you've been involved with putting Linux on older machines for a while now, 
I was wondering if you have any thoughts on this.  I hope you'll think about it 
and give us the benefit of your experience.

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