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HelpNeeded!!! - To-Do Day

Hi folks,

Its time again, for our To-Do day which is on Saturday, July 22nd -
this coming Saturday  - at Horticultural Hall, midday to 5pm. Early
birds please come and help set up tables & from 11am! 

We'll have an assembly table, a test table and an install table as
last time; we're also adding a look-see table for projects, newbies,
volunteers and recipients; we have a possible four candidates for
machines coming to visit, so please everyone make them welcome.

We do ask for a small $2 donate to help raise money...

Lunch, tea/coffee is provided as usual.

On Duty:

Rob: We're fingering you again for the assembly table.

Frank and Peter: The install table.

Hopefully Stewart & Tim: Will do their usual sterling job on the test
table. I hope.

Bill Mac & Trish: Will be looking after the door & the food.

Kylie: Will be manning (womaning?) the look-see table, talking to
applicants and people with projects.

I, myself will be roaming around building on the skills register, and
he has a few tasks that I need help with!

We have a bunch more stuff Bill has been collecting, so there's still
plenty to play with.

See you there!



Jason Rolston, Northcote, Australia
Email: jrolston@goconnect.net
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