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CBV needs a Saint

Hi folks,

Occasionally - from time to time - CBV takes a number of calls - from
people who either get our telephone number from the website - or who
get it from another source. Telephone calls come from potential
recipients, other organisations and sometimes media folk. 

What we really need is someone who will take the calls - respond to
them where appropriate or redirect the person to somewhere else.
(refer to another computer recycling groups)

We did have an arrangement at the Vic Innovations Centre - but all
calls from there usually end up being re-directed to Patricia Fraser's
mobile and often she can not respond to these calls for days.

What we really need - is a saint who will agree to take calls - 
because we can not afford a message bank service. 

Alternatively I am open to any other suggestions that anyone might
have with regards to this problem. 

I wonder if anyone on this list - who is home - or contactable by
telephone one way or another - would agree to taking this job on? 

It would mean that calls from the Vic Innovation Centre would be
directed to you - and quite possibly - if agreeable - your phone
number would be displayed on our website somewhere. 

I took calls for about a year or more - and my current living
arrangements + no answer machine means that I am unable to take them

Help. :)



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