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Re: [Computerbank] Fees

I agree 100% with what you have to say
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> G'day all!
> I'm fairly new to Linux, and this correspondence although written on
Linux, has actually been sent on proprietory software, but anyway, my point
is as follows;
> I became involved with Linux and Computerbank Victoria because:
> 1.  Machines and peripheral are being FREELY donated by
companies/individuals because they believe we can do some good with them.
> 2.  Machines and peripheral are "serviced" by people who donate their
time, money, and talent FREELY because of their community spirit.
> 3.  Training for recipients to use the machines correctly, is given FREELY
by people who want to pass on their skills to others.
> 4.  That NO payment was received at any time for equipment / services
provided by any member of Computerbank, other than as a donation if the
recipient wished - it was neither asked, nor solicited for!!
> 5.  Most of the machines are not commercially viable or able to have
current proprietory software on them.
> 6.  That Computerbank was set-up in order to assist disadvantaged and
low-income persons like myself get a computer, and not be left behind in the
I.T. age in which we live, because of the greedy mongrels like Mr Bill
> 7.  We should be approaching companies/people who can afford to give
money, not the people we are trying to help!!
> I for one would not be as fortunate to have my PC, and I will fight to
keep it the way it was intended to be.  If people want to sell computers
then they should be second-hand dealers, not in a community spirited
> Well that's my 2 cents worth, if I have read the correspondence wrong I
apologise, but if I am right, and I think I am, then maybe some others need
to think about what I have said, what they are looking for/trying to do and
decide whether computerbank is the way for them.
> Vulterra
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