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RE: [Computerbank] Fees

Hi all,

I completely agree Vulterra - I don't think CB should be charging for PC's -
furthermore, I haven't seen any really good reasons for fee charging so far.

The reasons given for fees have been (apologies if I missed any):

>Tony Jobline wrote on Wed, 27 Jun 2001 18:03:22 +1000:
>1. Filter people who really want one as opposed to those who simple get
>   it because its there and free.
>2. Reduce the likely hood of profiteering where individuals might
>   immediately resell the hardware.


>Chris Guiver wrote on Tuesday, 3 July 2001 16:41
> Tuesday, 3 July 2001 16:41
> Another advantage with a fee - for some anyway - is that it may help 
> ownsership - ie. they paid money for it - they may therefore try harder to

> make it work (ie. get the computer going, learning more) rather than
> in easily - too hard basket....

The first two issues are amply covered by training. People who aren't really
interested/only interested in profiteering will not consider it worth their
while to waste <insert however long training is here> just to get a PC.
There are far easier scams.

The last point is a good one - people do tend to attach more value to
something they've forked over a bit of money for. By itself tho, it does not
really justify charging a fee.

Just my 5c,




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