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[Computerbank] Fees

> I completely agree Vulterra - I don't think CB should be charging for PC's -

> The reasons given for fees have been (apologies if I missed any):
> >Tony Jobline wrote on Wed, 27 Jun 2001 18:03:22 +1000:
> >1. Filter people who really want one as opposed to those who simple get
> >   it because its there and free.

Then wouldn't better screening be a good idea?

> >2. Reduce the likely hood of profiteering where individuals might
> >   immediately resell the hardware.

Periodic checks against records could help here. There are records aren't there? Genuine recipients might actually appreciate having someone visit to see if they are doing OK and doing a quick check on their system to make sure it is all running properly! The rip-off artists wouldn't like it but who cares, you want to get rid of them anyway, right?
To my understanding, Computerbank is a charity. I'm not aware of too many charities who actually charge for their services, it sort of defeats the purpose really. It would also probably have an effect on the "non-profit organisation" status I would imagine. A charity for the "wealthy poor" anyone?

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