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[Computerbank] the bush and Computerbank

Good morning everyone!

It's been good to hear about Coolah NSW, Michael -- as you found out
personally when the computers are there, there's a way to get them to you.

Translation for us all: Computerbank does not need to answer how computers
might be got to any bush recipients, we can leave that up to them.

How did that whole pathway of thought go with you Michael? What did you
think of first, etc., it'll help others to know it all and potentially help
them find their own answers.

While we are talking, what has happened to the Sydney end of things, is
Coolah more organised than you are?

What problems have other bush people run across, who out there (wherever)
wants computers and have a local who is sufficiently linux capable? If
you've got the transport ... no worries.

(( I think that's right? ))

Bruce (Ascot Vale, Melbourne)

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