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[Computerbank] Fwd: [CI]: IT in Regional Areas - Australia

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On 7/5/01 at 2:25 PM Wal Taylor <w.taylor@cqu.edu.au> wrote:
Information Technology in Regional Areas Conference
5 – 7 September 2001
Central Queensland University,
Rockhampton, Queensland
This exciting 3-day international Conference is focused on the role of Information Technology in regions.  This year’s conference has speakers confirmed from United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Fiji, New Zealand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Argentina and Thailand, as well as presenters from most Australian States and a range of developing countries including Ghana, Ivory Coast and Mongolia.
ITiRA 2001 is intended to be a “learning conference”, providing a forum for delegates to review and reflect on the community based applications of IT in a tropical setting close to Barrier Reef Islands.  It will also give the community in Central Queensland, including business, community activists, government officials and researchers interested in these areas an opportunity to learn about regional applications of IT from national and international authorities.
The Conference is designed to attract researchers; policy makers; community leaders; IT project leaders; funding providers; Government officials and regional community development groups that have interest, skills and experience in the special role of IT in regions.
The format of the conference will be relaxed and informal with all papers discussed in panels and lots of opportunities for socializing and networking.
Regional areas lag well behind capital cities and heavily populated areas in adoption and application of IT in Australia and many developed and developing countries.  The major objective of the conference is to discuss the role of Informatics as a means for regional transformation, enabling regional communities to close the “digital divide”.
The Conference Tracks are:
1.               Community Informatics
2.               IT for Regional Health
3.               IT for Regional Media & Communications
4.               IT for Regional Industry & Economy
5.               IT for Regional Education.
Each track will feature an internationally renowned Keynote Speaker and will be supported by guest case study presenters from various states of Australia and many developed and developing countries.
For more information about the Conference, and registration details, please visit our Website at http://itira.cqu.edu.au.
PLEASE NOTE:  Early bird discounts apply to registrations received and paid for by 31 July 2001.
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