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Re: [Computerbank] Test site / revenue streams - Redevelopment of CB website!

Heya Sam,

Thanks for mailing the list re the redevelopment of the computerbank website!
And mighty fine effort too. <claps loudly> :)

Okay, so now that it is out of the bag - people please go and check it out. See

Following the URL only works during office hours (ie: when Sam is online) as we
have not got a mysql account setup on the actual computerbank website. When that
is there we\'ll let you know!  

For now, we need people, like Tony, who can help with getting the existing
content into this framework. DO we have any more assists out there???? Sam has
already made a start - but we need to finish it. 

I guess the next part of this equation is for the website redevelopment effort
to be co-ordinated in an appropriate and meaningful way - can the actual test
site be used to do that?? Any other ideas???

We need to update all that\'s gone on in the last 6 months so that people get a
current picture of CB. We *need* to acknowledge the contributions of BP for

All states should provide some kind of overview of where there at (as in for
news and progress sake), and should let us know what current info should be on
the site (mailing lists, contacts and whatever else). 

All documentation associated with CB project should eventually make it on to
this site - perhaps some of it being password protected. I dont know - we need
to decide this stuff.

If other states / nodes want to follow the PHP path for their websites - you can
use the same code - but customise it for yourself. Eg: For the Vic site - we\'ll 
be using the same format - but maybe we\'ll do the background in a different
color or some such. Whatever, let us know if you are interested! 

If there\'s VIC news thats relevant Aus wide or vice versa - then there should be
some way for the submission to make it to both sites (CBA and CB Vic Branch)
news / announcements sections. I think Sam has been working on this aspect and
if he picks up on this - maybe he could give us a little explanation about it.

Anyway, thats all for me,

Thanks Sam for picking this up! :)



Quoting Tony Joblin <tonyjoblin@yahoo.com.au>:

> Hi Sam,
> I think exploring the idea of the banner ads to make the site more
> attractive to sponsors is a good idea. I think the idea of using PHP
> Nuke or
> similar has some advantages. I think that being able to set people up
> with
> admin accounts, the ability to admin the site online and to delegate
> admin
> responsibility is going to be an advantage. If you want some help
> customising the site or configing it I would be happy to help
> (tonyjoblin@yahoo.com.au)
> Tony Joblin, President
> Computerbank Queensland
> 07 3371 1311 (working hours)
> cbq-exec@dstc.edu.au
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