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RE: [Computerbank] Fees

hey all,

just a quick contribution from me...

perhaps sponsorship could nullify any establishment fees

and ownership promoted via contributions to the running and development of
using the supplied machine (thus, supplying a practical application for the
machines, encouraging use and skill development)

as opposed to a financial model of ownership
which seems to me to contradict - to a degree - the concept/philosophy of
'open source'


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Good Reasoning, but unfortunately
up here in regional Australia in Coolah
we have to charge a handling fee of $30 plus $3 gst
per computer
as that is what it costs us to get computers here even though
are free of charge where they come from.
I personally believe there should be a nominal charge
of this magnitude for every computer bank computer.
I have been around long enough to realize that
absolutely free is not respected, there needs to be a token
charge so there is some "ownership"
our community developement work has taught us this.
"Free" is not valued or respected.
We have worked now for some years
giving our community members "ownership"
in the community , and always make a token charge
for every thing, one thing it cuts out the freeloaders.
Of course there will be exceptions to the rule
ie handicapped pensioners
Regards Michael White

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On 7/6/01 at 9:17 AM Premier wrote:

>I agree 100% with what you have to say
>The Right Honourable Larrikin, Positive Nuisance, Premier of
the Virtual
>Democracy of www.queenslandgovernment.com Kerry Bowden   O.A.M.
Proud Jaffa
>sometimes Drongo  Australian.
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>> G'day all!
>> I'm fairly new to Linux, and this correspondence although
written on
>Linux, has actually been sent on proprietory software, but
anyway, my point
>is as follows;
>> I became involved with Linux and Computerbank Victoria
>> 1.  Machines and peripheral are being FREELY donated by
>companies/individuals because they believe we can do some good
with them.
>> 2.  Machines and peripheral are "serviced" by people who
donate their
>time, money, and talent FREELY because of their community
>> 3.  Training for recipients to use the machines correctly, is
given FREELY
>by people who want to pass on their skills to others.
>> 4.  That NO payment was received at any time for equipment /
>provided by any member of Computerbank, other than as a
donation if the
>recipient wished - it was neither asked, nor solicited for!!
>> 5.  Most of the machines are not commercially viable or able
to have
>current proprietory software on them.
>> 6.  That Computerbank was set-up in order to assist
disadvantaged and
>low-income persons like myself get a computer, and not be left
behind in the
>I.T. age in which we live, because of the greedy mongrels like
Mr Bill
>> 7.  We should be approaching companies/people who can afford
to give
>money, not the people we are trying to help!!
>> I for one would not be as fortunate to have my PC, and I will
fight to
>keep it the way it was intended to be.  If people want to sell
>then they should be second-hand dealers, not in a community
>> Well that's my 2 cents worth, if I have read the
correspondence wrong I
>apologise, but if I am right, and I think I am, then maybe some
others need
>to think about what I have said, what they are looking
for/trying to do and
>decide whether computerbank is the way for them.
>> Vulterra
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