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Re: [Computerbank] Fees

Good Reasoning, Michael.
I can see your point. Could there be a way that if that is the fee- people
can pay it over a period of time,$5.00 per week maybe.  I know lots of
people who couldn't come up with $30,00 in one go. The ones who deserve the
computers the most.
PS: I want you guys to get this right as I will probably have to get  a
Computerbank started up in the Far North Q'ld shortly.

> Good Reasoning, but unfortunately
> up here in regional Australia in Coolah
> we have to charge a handling fee of $30 plus $3 gst
> per computer
> as that is what it costs us to get computers here even though
> they
> are free of charge where they come from.
> I personally believe there should be a nominal charge
> of this magnitude for every computer bank computer.
> I have been around long enough to realize that
> absolutely free is not respected, there needs to be a token
> charge so there is some "ownership"
> our community developement work has taught us this.
> "Free" is not valued or respected.
> We have worked now for some years
> giving our community members "ownership"
> in the community , and always make a token charge
> for every thing, one thing it cuts out the freeloaders.
> Of course there will be exceptions to the rule
> ie handicapped pensioners
> Regards Michael White

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