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[Computerbank] An Alternative take on fee paying, ownership and charity.

I have followed with interest the discussions on fee paying, charity etc . And there have been many good points about not excluding people from assistance because of fees, and yet giving them the sense of self worth and appreciation that comes with having made a payment for a machine. I propose this as an idea and am interested to hear what people think.

We initiate an idea of Computerbank Credits, it requires X amount of credits to get a Computerbank service, get a machine, or assistance on a problem etc. The schedule of Credits to be set by the Computer Bank at National level. You can buy credits for a cash donation, or for work performed for Computer Bank. This work could be collection of machines from donation sources, providing administration assistance for a couple of days such as envelope stuffing or photocopying or answering phones, or perhaps later running a beginners course yourself.

With such a system people would not be excluded because of lack of finances but if they had finances to give we could accept them and give CB credits in response. They would be required to provide work in kind to Computerbank for the assistance, support or hardware they receive and this would give them a proprietary involvement with Computerbank and its ideals.

Those that did a lot of work for Computerbank and thus had Loads of Computerbank credits could deem them to others if they so desire. This is a way for those who do lots of work for Computerbank or who have donated equipment or finances and thus built up credits, have the ability to pick a group thet they feel needs assistance and acting as their benefactor. A donation to a school for instance could have a certifcate provided saying: By Computerbank and the 5000 Credit donation of XYZ corporation.

What comments do people have to make on such a scheme?


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