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Subject: Re: [Computerbank] An Alternative take on fee paying, ownership and charity.

D wrote.
a, too complicated.

I agree 100%. After listening to all sides of the very interesting debate on fees or not fees. I have gone back to my original views. No fees.
If you are working with good people, they will make sure the ones getting the computers are worthy. If a few slip through that are not, so what that happens in very area you work in. If it saves you lots of work (yours given free)
 I also notice most of you are computer people, not accountants and fund raisers.
Do what you do best.
By all means let it be known to customers that you take donations or could use their help. But don't force them, as getting them a computer and improving themselves is what it is about. When they do that they may just help someone else.
Getting sponsors is the way to go for the funds you need or get a grant to cover that.
My accountant taught me a great thing. the KISS formula
 "Keep it simple stupid"
That's my thoughts
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