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[Computerbank] Fundraising

Hi all

I've spent considerable time thinking about our finances and here are some
things to consider.

All up I think that $140,000 would cover our operating costs for a year,
this includes 2 full time employees but not even considering WFTD. WFTD
doesn't pay for our core business but is really a self sustaining project,
so lets leave it out for the moment.

We've defined our needs so how do we find this money?
1.There is a need to consider whether or not we want to fundraise this
amount in one hit or through several small fundraising projects.

2. Do we rely on Government funding or do we look towards the private
sector for more sustainable funding? should we be looking to access
Federal funding as well as State?

3. Can we raise revenue by selling our skills?

4. Where do we find people with the relevant skills?

These are the questions I've been pondering for a few days, and these are
my thoughts.
If we could come up with a good/workable idea there is no reason why we
couldn't raise this amount either in a one off or by having 4 functions a
year. If we can raise the bulk of this money through fund raising efforts,
with or without corporate support any govt money would be icing on the
cake that would enable us to provide extra's to recipients or to pass
around to less financial branches.

Once we are a Nationally accredited body we should be looking at Federal
funding, especially if Labour win the next election as we could promote
ourselves as  a part of the Knowledge Nation package.

We need to look at our marketable skills and assess what we have that is
better/different than what's already being offered.

People, they're out there an we need to source them so start to ask

Finally let me just tell you that $140,000 is only 140 donations of $1000
and it reallt is acheivable.

Please think about this and let's hear ideas and comments

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