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Re: [Computerbank] Fundraising

Hi all

Yes we should approach both the govt and private sectors but I my point
really was that we shouldn't rely on govt funding as either ongoing or a
given, too many orgs have been caught in this trap.

As for fundraising, What I see is some basic events eg in one org that I
was Fundraising chairperson for we had one event which raised $10k in one
day in a small country town. The idea is to look at things like a charity
auction or several regular large events which would be a recurrent source
of income. I'm sure amongst all of us we must have contacts and theideas
to make something happen.

My experience is only on a small scale of a few thosand $'s at atime but
maybe someone out there has an idea we could work on.

Hope this sets you thinking
On Wed, 11 Jul 2001, Tony Joblin wrote:

> Hi Penni,
> I think you should be open to approach both government and private sector
> for fundraising. When drawing up your plan of attack you should rank each
> opportunity and then attack them in that order. I would see this as a
> continuous process throughout the year. You mention the idea of raising this
> through holding a number of discrete functions, this is something I hadn't
> thought about, can you explain more.
> I did speak with our contacts here from the department of Families etc. One
> point that they did make was that it is important to be able to clearly
> articulate your service and the outcomes. Do this and you are more likely to
> be successful in obtaining funding.
> Our fundraisers her are in the process of putting together a operational
> plan. I will send you a copy when we have something to show. Hopefully this
> will be compete in 1-2 weeks. They have also mentioned that they want to
> coordinate with the national body so that we don't double up.
> You mention the option of selling our skills. This is a topic that came up
> in meetings with some other groups who were looking at developing a self
> sustaining business model. One example that you could look at is the Green
> PC program run by InfoXchange. My understanding is that they employ
> approximately 20 people to run the operation. The project costs are covered
> by selling some portion of the stock, the remainder being given away to
> needy people or projects. While we did not pursue this idea in any depth, we
> thought that this model would be inappropriate for Computerbank Queensland
> at this time. We did not make any decision as to if we would/wouldn't move
> to this model at some point in the future. Maybe this is something the
> national body needs to think about ?
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