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[Computerbank] Re: [Cb-nsw] The Do-It-Yourself Thin Client Server

thank you for a most interesting 
and informative email.
I shall be emailing you 
in the near future
Regards Michael White

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On 7/12/01 at 9:14 PM Nicolas Pettiaux wrote:

>A comment from the other site of the world.
>Yes LTSP is a way to easily set-up a network of light 
>X-clients around a strong server. 
>We have (as many other have also in other part of the world)
installed a 
>pilot site in a classroom in Brussels, and this has helped to
convince the 
>minister to go further: there is a plan to install 5 computers
in each 
>classroom of about 600 schools (altogether about 40000
>This can be quoted to your authorities.
>These clients will be refurbished old computers while the
servers will be new 
>computers, and most of the work will be done by local social
>(hence my name on the computerbank page !)
>We are building a prototype to industrialise the installation,
and have 
>developed a way to even simplify LTSP: automatic installation
recognition of 
>the clients once they are plugged and booted. But this had the
price: some 
>work (not yet finished enough to be released say the
developpers ...) and 
>another configuration file than LTSP. We plan to add our work
to other (see 
>For the time being there is also the simple solution ABULEDU
(now only in 
>French for those who understand) from our friends from
>With 2 CD and 2 diskettes, you can nearly without work
automatically install 
>a server with a classroom setting. 
>Everything can be downloaded from www.abuledu.org 
>I suppose help in translating to other languages would be
welcome . 
>Please do not hesitate to try and report your experience.
>In the future, much experience could be exchanged between you
and us.
>Best regards,
>PS please note that I'll be on holiday from July 14 till August
>LTSP is a well done solution, 
>For those who understand French, there is even a simpler
>than caring to install LTSP on a Linux distribution. 
>Try Abuledu (from our 
>Le Jeudi 12 Juillet 2001 04:51, Michael C White a écrit :
>> Is this the do it yourself tool that will make our 486's and
>> end pentiums
>> when connected to a decent server running this software
>> get up and fly?
>> I'm not very good at linux yet so can't really evaluate it,
>> but it strikes me if we could go to a school and say with
>> free software,
>> and this hard ware from computerbank
>> you can have a network to equal anything around, virtually
>> then maybe we would get a fair bit of interest.
>> How about if we offered the headmaster say a low end pentium
>> with linux on it to evaluate..
>> In another life I was appointed to the remote area Education
>> committee of the NSW Government by the Premier,
>> under the then Minister of Education.
>> Maybe there is a way we can make reccomendation to them.
>> Any one else on these lists have any connection with
>> Regards Michael
>> Linux Terminal Server Project 2.08

>> l
>> LTSP brings Linux to X Window desktops
>> Roger Hartje, eWEEK Labs
>> July 2, 2001  12:00 AM ET
>> Providing an economical migration path to back-end,
>> computing and centralized administration, Linux Terminal
>> Project 2.08 is a stable open-source offering that converts
>> virtually all major distributions of Linux into an X Window
>> terminal server for thin clients.
>> http://www.ltsp.org/index.php
>> Linux makes a great platform for deploying diskless
>>           that boot from a network server.  The LTSP is all
>> about running
>>           thin client computers in a GNU/Linux environment.
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