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[Computerbank] Fwd: Re: Microsoft threatens Australian Charity

Did a bit off my own bat - PM (ABC Radio) actually beat ACA to the 
punch on Friday. Thought they might follow up... the link to the story 
is on abc.net.au/news, link to PM down the left.

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Subject: Re: Microsoft threatens Australian Charity
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2001 11:30:29 +1000
From: Radio Caff <currentaffairs@your.abc.net.au>
To: Patricia Fraser <trish@thefrasers.org>

Dear Patrica,

Thankyou for providing this information. I have forwarded your email to
 the relevant reporter.

Rhiannon Treasure-Brand
Radio Current Affairs

At 12:13 22/07/01 +1000, you wrote:
>Dear PM people,
>It was interesting to hear this story. This situation has been
>discussed recently on the Linux Users of Victoria mailing list, and
>among Computerbank people Australia-wide - the solution is in the
> hands of PCs for Kids, and always has been!
>Other more sensible groups (see www.computerbank.org.au), who can't
>afford to pay licence fees for operating systems and applications, put
>Linux on the computers they give away. Help in doing this has been
>offered to Colin Bayes quite frequently - as recently as last week! to
>no avail, it seems.
>Not only does the Linux choice make more sense for the charity; it
>makes more sense for the end-user, who is not locked into outdated
>software *or* piracy.  Then, there's a very large community of Linux
>users out there, who are very pleased to help the new entrants gain a
>strong foothold in the computing community - for the pleasure of it,
>rather than for profit. It works well for all of us.
>Groups from Sydney and Melbourne have offered - free - assistance in
>training and support for PCs for Kids to move away from proprietary
>software. If Microsoft doesn't decide to create a precedent here,
>perhaps Mr. Bayes will see the light?
>Patricia Fraser


Patricia Fraser
computerbank mailing list