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Hi All
Had a little trouble with my mail and am not sure if my message asking for help to shift the Print Museum reached you so:
Michael Isaachson Curator of the Print Museum needs help to pack his ginormous amount of gear onto pallets so that he can shift within a 30 day margin placed on him by the builders developing his old premises.
Any help at all is welcome from 10am until whenever daily.
The address is the old Bradford Cotton Mills 91 Moreland St. Footscray cnr Parker St.  drive straight in - we are upstairs - telephone 9689 7555 or 018 53 062 for Michael or me at home 9444 6332.
Any day is OK as long as we know you are coming.
I believe our help will reflect in the space Michael may give us to start up.
We can use the printing equipment to print cards, letterheads, posters, brochures, whatever, even your personal stuff - great opportunity  -unreal  - help help help - I need help.
regards Bill

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