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Hi all
I spent my first visit helping Michael pack his gear ready to shift to the new Print Museum/Computer Museum/Computerbank site and what I saw wiped me out.
First of all I have never seen such a huge collection of historic print gear that Michael has collected - I reckon the area off floor space he has covered is larger than a building block - and a large one at that !
My efforts today didn't even make a dent in it - although Michael thought I was very helpful.
Now gang - if you really want to support Computerbank to achieve rent free space to meet, store our stuff, and work on the gear, the most remarkable opportunity has been given to us.
The support we will get from the Print Museum and Michael would reasonable be in direct proportion to the help we give Michael with his immediate problem - packing the gear for transport.
He has been informed by the owners, who are redeveloping the property, that he has 30 days to shift or the goods will be sold. Now I don't think they can do this but I'm sure it will become a legal battle. (by the way Michael tells me the rent is up to date - it's just the builders schedule)
That's the story - here's the request !
Any hours at all that you can give during the next 30 days to help Michael would be repaid a hundredfold in goodwill - Michael is there 10 -5 everyday.  If you have a friend or family member with some time free that would be great.
My home phone is 9444 6332 and the Museum is 9689 7555.
One of the great things I felt would happen was that we could use the printing machinery to do our cards, letterheads, brochures, handbills, and posters as well as the raffle tickets.
You have to see his gear to believe it -not only is it historical - you'll be hysterical - this man has been collecting printing gear since he was nine !
If we can match his efforts with the computer museum and Computerbank we're on a winner here - sort of a giant leap forward.
I was suggesting to Michael today that the theme of an exhibition to raise money from school educational visits - a huge field - would be 'A(the) Quantum Leap in Printing'
A working demonstration of the process that used to be through to (our end) a computerised prepress through to a colour printer output - he thought that was great.
So - help help - I need help
If you're coming would you please collect some cartons from the supermarket or wherever - I found the tomato box to be just the right size. Bring the tops of the boxes as well if you can. The boxes are being packed on pallets - he has a fork lift to shift the gear.
Over to you
regards Bill

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