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Searching on the database

Hello all,

I am defining the interface for the online database. I need to know a
few things.

How much information should we store on People donating goods. ATM it is
just First name, surname, telephone number and email. What about
location, state etc. Mailing address might be a bit much. We can use
these extre fields to create more specific searches, eg give me all
video cards which are in NSW.

Another thing, what searches do you want to be able to perform on the
database? I was thinking along the lines of give me a list of item X. I
was thinking about doing up a program which would create a computer on
the fly from the available parts and spit back a list, the user would
contact the people who have the parts, get hold of them and build it.
But that is far off in the future.



Nathan Dietsch
SQL Server Administrator