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Re: Searching on the database


I have a few questions. Specifically about the location you mentioned.

> 2. Location (maybe we can define zones in the city (do they all break up
> into NORTH, EAST, WEST, SOUTH?? - This gives at least a general idea of
> where in teh city they r likely to be located?  (or perhaps to handle
> country residents, location can have options like NORTH-METRO, SOUTH-METRO,
> EAST-METRO, WEST-METRO, followed by Town names or somesuch??)

We are dealing with a national organisation here. Currently the database
locates parts by state, which is obviously not good enough if you live
in a state as big as WA.

I think we should break it down to regions. For example Perth could be
defined as as region broome could be defined as a region, or in my case
the riverina could be defined as a region. Breaking it down to North
South East and West could lead to a massive list of regions, especially
if you are dealing nationally.

There is however a way around this. If I am not mistaken, most equipment
will be entered in batches. A person from the chapter will be allocated
the job of data entry. We only want a few people to do this otherwise
there will be too many users, too many users equals security problems.

Each user to the database will be created and an entry in the user table
will be added. Now in this user table we could define the state the user
lives in so that when they are adding parts, only locations from that
state can be chosen.

There will be a login public which will only be given SELECT privelleges
on the tables which they need to view. This public login will be used to
view the reports you outlined in your email.

What do you think?


I also sent this to the computerbank list so everyone can comment. So
people please comment, you will be using the database, it is up to you
to let me know what you want.

I am sorry but http://inventory.computerbank.org.au is password
protected for the time being. When craig contacts me about logins we can
define a public login so you can all check it out.