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Re: Searching on the database

Peter and All,

> Problem with personal details eg phone number may upset some
> as a breach of privacy!!
> Maybe First Name, Family Name, Suburb, email and a ref code.
> Anyone trying to contact someone on the list could email, look it
> up in the white pages or go to a "computerbank" contact and get
> the details from them via the ref code!!

Yes, I have anticipated those problems already. I think it should be
optional to supply a phone number, but even so, I have created what is
called a view which restricts the level of access certain users have to
data. For example, as the adminstratory I have access to all data which
has been entered. But other users only have access to surname, first
name and email address and state. Even location might be found a bit
much, but I think state is pretty safe.


Nathan Dietsch
SQL Server Administrator