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Re: Searching on the database

Nathan Dietsch wrote:

> Bob + All,
> So what you are saying is, even once it has been donated, we need to
> keep track of who we gave it to? This can be done naurally, but it would
> involve getting the details of the person we give the PC too. One thing
> to think of, if we give a person a PC and the video card was nicked, how
> do we go about getting that video card back?

In that instance, I think it'd be a case of locating a replacement, and then
contacting the individual concerned, apologising, and then replacing the
equipment concerned.  I think we're going to have to be really careful about
security - especially about recipient details - perhaps this should be only
available on special request (such as Police requiremnet? - rather than
on-demand - ie. Only main system admin able to get it?)

> Should we be storing the serial number of all devices? Each device has a
> serial number on it, even RAM chips, this can all be added.

I think we should store serial numbers - this'd be perfect for identifying
particular items of equipment.  I wonder if giving the cops access to our
equipment database would satisfy any concerns they have about stolen
equipment? (Although this might be a privacy issue in itself) ... (I'm just
brain-storming here - please feel free to say the idea is outrageous if u like
- I've not put any significant thought into my suggestions here).

Cheers All

Dave... 8-)